"Susan is a fantastic photographer, a sharp creative eye, innovative, adaptable, fun to work with, and has enormous energy and resilience.
I love her work."

Debra Kacher, dk INTERIORS

Susan's exceptional imagery highlights the achievements of award-winning clients -- international architects, designers and others in the business of building and design. She is recognized for her unerring eye for composition and detail, and an uncluttered style. Susan trained in Architectural Photography at the London College of Printing. She is based in
New York and London and is a regular contributor to The New York Times. Her work is featured in a wide range
of print and online media and is held in private collections around the world.
Rates are available upon request.

I work with wonderfully talented architects and designers who compose whole landscapes―private residences,
commercial and public spaces, schools―by creating and realizing concepts in inventive ways. I delight in the
entirety of these landscapes and
in pulling the puzzles apart, finding a sketch or scene within the larger setting.
I enjoy serenity in the smallest of details—finding planes, geometry, patterns and color in the broader tableau. - SFP